The introduction of mobile applications.

The world of technology era was born with the tremendous development of programming technology. From a landline phone has now become a potential smartphone market. Thanks to smartphones, trading activities have become easier and easier. The advent of smartphones led to millions of mobile applications from which to develop. Aiming at the needs and desires of the users of the applications launched, laying the foundation for business development. For example, zing me is an application for people who love music, games for young people to relax … They all arise from human needs.

How to develop mobile app software?

Developing mobile app software is not easy. There are many possible issues and how to get your mobile app to thousands of competitors is the question that needs answers.

What is special about your application?

Choose the right path before you want to develop mobile app software in the future. This means deciding exactly what your app has to offer to users and whether it’s popular or necessary.

Please check all similar apps in CH Play or App Store. Look up their popularity by studying download statistics or looking at their ratings and reviews.

Besides, try to understand the management of other application developers to understand why they win the hearts of users. If possible, try downloading similar apps to learn about the pros and cons as well as what impresses them from the end-user perspective. Sometimes you may have to pay a fee for this process but in return you will learn many useful lessons for your own mobile app.

See that your newly designed application provides a special feature for users? This will make the stand out and impress more than the mobile app of many competitors.

Minimize mobile app design

Please minimize the basic features of the application before making them “launched” to the user. Because an easy-to-see, easy-to-use interface will make it easier and more comfortable trying to cram too many features that you advertise as “sublime”. A more advanced version may be added in the future, as users become more aware of your application.

Choose the appropriate platform

Initially, to develop a mobile app, research the market to select an appropriate mobile platform. Do not rush to provide cross-platform applications unless you are absolutely certain that users will embrace you. Be sure to plan carefully before making the right decision.

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If possible, create detailed UI sketches of all application screens, rather than writing them directly. This will help you create applications and improve them better. There are many programming companies for you to hire to write apps, but the price of mobile app design and time is not small.

However, there are still many modern mobile app design platforms for you, such as Businesses can create apps by themselves in 10 minutes without writing any code and without specialized knowledge. Created products can be uploaded to App Store and CH Play easily.

Set search keywords

Put the right keywords and the most appropriate description for your application. This is an important aspect that will help minimize the risk of promoting your app in the future and still be sought by many people.

Choose the right price

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Equally important, you must set the right price for your application. Study the prices of similar mobile apps on the market and price competitively, on a par with them.

You can also offer users a free trial version for a limited time. This will allow you to acknowledge reviews and public feedback to immediately fix before releasing the finished product to end users.

In short, to develop mobile app software, businesses value their customers, listen to what they say through your application’s feedback and rating. This will give you good hints about a complete version of the product later.

Programming and development process of Mobile Application

The following sections represent typical mobile application development.

1 / Wireframing:
Wireframe is an important step in creating mobile applications, as this is the foundation for the application to be designed and operated.

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One thing to remember is that for mobile applications, redesigning the interface or rebuilding the functions will take more time than the web application, so it is necessary to build the wireframe before starting development.

During the wifreframing process, UX experts and mobile application developers need many group discussions with the project owner to arrange how the application will be designed and operated.

The more complex or more the app interface, the more wireframing will take. To complete wireframing, the UX expert will outline the location, screens, and all elements of the application interface and annotate the functionality of each interface.

2 / App interface design:
App interface design (front-end) for both iOS and Android.

3 / App Programming:
Program the app design (front-end) for both iOS and Android.

4 / Application Structure / Database:
Set up the server side of the application (cloud / back-end) and create the database structure.

5 / Application server-side programming
Write all server-side code to perform back-end functions.

6 / API development
Write all the APIs to connect the application interface to the server-side application and database.

7 / Quality Assurance Use
Testing app interfaces to check for errors and handle problems. (developing Mobile Application)

8 / Quality Assurance for Multi-platform, Multi-device, OS versions, Resolution
Test mobile apps on all different platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and different OS versions of each platform (Apple iOS has two popular versions: iOS 8 and iOS 7, Android OS has 5 popular versions (Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 5.0), different resolutions of different mobile devices (with many devices including smartphones, phablets and tablets, There are quite a few resolutions to test, so it may take time.

9 / Back-en quality assurance
Check the back-end code for improved performance and security.

10 / Set up Cloud
Deploy server-side application to server / cloud.

11 / Post to the App Store
Deploy the application on the application store.


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