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2008-3-14: Julienne Walker

Due to an increase in demand, I've gotten off my butt and finished up the red black tree library that I've been promising for the last two years.  You can now find it in the Libraries section.

2008-3-14: Julienne Walker

Just to remind everyone, I'm pretty busy these days, so the new content has slowed to a crawl.  However, if there's a topic you'd like me to write about (whether it be a full tutorial, a quick article, or a library), feel free to email me and let me know.  If I know that people are interested, I'll be more motivated to make time for writing.  ;-)


Eternally Confuzzled

So what's this confuzzled stuff anyway? Confuzzlement is a glorious state of being that involves a lot of confusion, frustration, and maybe a little bit of raving lunacy. In a good way, of course. Confuzzled people celebrate their ignorance openly and strive to reach a higher level of ignorance by learning from other confuzzled people. A confuzzled person is proud to be ignorant, but the unwashed masses are often incapable of seeing the subtle difference between being brilliantly clever, pretending to be stupid because you can't be bothered to think, and being genuinely stupid. They key to being confuzzled is having fun with it.

Those that become enlightened on the path of confuzzlement reach the orgasmic state of eternally confuzzled where people marvel at your ability to cause a stunned silence like with the mere utterance of a few simple words. The eternally confuzzled are gods in their own minds and feel compelled to share their knowledge with the lesser beings around them. This can be a good thing because confuzzled people aren't really stupid, they just seem that way to the layman.

It's easy to become confuzzled. Just start learning and don't worry about not knowing something. Everybody doesn't know something. Too mapy people let it get to them and they get frustrated. Stress gives you health problems and people who get flustered easily tend not to make it as programmers. You don't want to be one of those people. You want to be eternally confuzzled!

Join the crazy side...we have cookies.

From the twisted mind of Julienne Walker
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